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Peter Dal PezzoElevon offers a unique mesh of business talent. Peter Dal Pezzo — a master in industrial engineering — combines his exceptional abilities as a mentoring consultant, process improvement innovator and visionary commercial real estate developer to cultivate business success solutions unlike other management consultants.

Background. Elevon is the management consulting and development subsidiary of Dal Pezzo Enterprises. Dal Pezzo Enterprises was formed in late 2007 by Peter Dal Pezzo after the sale of Pelco Inc., a company he helped form over 20 years ago. Armed with an industrial engineering degree from Penn State University, a masters in finance from Virginia Commonwealth, and years of successful business development, Mr. Dal Pezzo helped to pioneer Service Enterprise Engineering (SEE), an industrial engineering approach to service businesses.

Mr. Dal Pezzo formed Elevon to extend his passion for business excellence to others who are not afraid to welcome sizeable change in return for sizeable improvement. The exclusive Elevon Process is borne from SEE and is applied to all operations across the Elevon portfolio including management consulting clients, large commercial real estate projects and international business partners.

“What makes Elevon the most unique management consultancy and development company out there is our passionate desire to mentor like-minded business partners from inception to maturity,” says Peter Dal Pezzo. “We guide our clients through growth with focused and passionate support from us.”

Mr. Dal Pezzo was honored with Penn State’s prestigious “Outstanding Engineering Alumni Award” from the College of Engineering’s Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering.

Board Activity

  • Penn State University, College of Engineering’s Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
    • Industrial Professional Advisory Board Service
    • Enterprise Engineering Board

Elevon Mission

To significantly improve profits for business partners who dare to
embrace dramatic change by applying
our proprietary Elevon Process
in an all-encompassing fashion.