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Elevon Process

From commercial real estate to consulting to mixed use — no matter the size or complexity of the project, we apply the Elevon Process to engineer success.

The Elevon Process is based on the rigorous discipline of Service Enterprise Engineering (SEE), a process improvement approach being fostered at the National Science Foundation and Penn State University with the help of Elevon’s founder, Peter Dal Pezzo. Composed of analytical and computational techniques, SEE was originally designed to help service businesses improve productivity, lower costs and provide greater return.

Elevon inventively harnesses the SEE pragmatism in its proprietary Elevon Process. Striking a careful balance between science and instinct, we tailor it to the dynamics of any organization – manufacturing and service alike. Your company differs from the next. Accordingly, the Elevon Process will adjust to dramatically improve your processes and ultimately profits.


If you are interested in a consultation regarding how the Elevon Process can lift your business, please Contact Us by email or phone, or use our convenient online Submit a Request or Proposal form.


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~Mary McLeod Bethune